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Child Centric homes by Rustomjee – An ISO 9001:2008 Real Estate Company

We invite you to come and feel a better life, the place where even ‘Life gets a new definition’. To be honest, Homes in India are treated no different from a living-being. We are ensuring that the House not only provides for comfort and luxury but also has a positive impact on the fortunes of the consumers.

We at Lamxidevi developers believe in customer satisfaction and seek to earn trust for the reliability, Well! It is said to be a Metropolitan city and development is a magic which is completely changing the city, With immeasurable knowledge and skills for over a decade, Laxmidevi developers aspires to be a vital and prominent unit in the reality market, with enhancing the lives of others.

We are one of the honest Renowned names in SRA Development, We provide Quality work in SRA buildings with a thought to give a better life for the upcoming generations.

Four Walls,One roof and a life transformed beyond imagination.

Over the past few years, as redevelopment gathers pace, we have emerged on the horizon as a leading player in that space. In fact, Laxmidevi developers is renowned as one of the pioneers in this space and has a rich experience in handling projects.As the city of Mumbai embraces the future, old buildings are being replaced by new towers.

What's New